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Sometimes you come across a great article on saving money.  I thought I would post a link on the CREED blog to the article.  Link.  It is about people with low incomes who are taught how to save money – and to develop the habit and discipline to do it.  Good for them!  Everyone needs to learn how to save more and develop the will power to do so.  In one of the comments on the article someone posted this quote.  I liked it so much I wanted to post it here:

….an excerpt from Ben Stein’s interview on Consuelo Mack’s Wealthtrack:

“My life by Wall St. standards is I live a life of a welfare mother.

Freedom is largely about savings.

Liquid assets equals freedom.

Theres nothing more important than buying freedom.

You’re buying freedom from want, fear, overwork and exhaustion.

When you save, you’re buying nothing less than freedom.

You’re like a slave buying his way to freedom.

You say ‘I want to buy a big screen TV’. No, buy freedom.

You say ‘I want to buy a cruise to Tahiti’. No, buy freedom.

You say ‘I want to buy a Bentley’. No, buy $250,000 of freedom.”

That is what we, at CREED, are about creating more freedom through Economic Education and Development.


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